How to Use FM WhatsApp Like a Pro

FM WhatsApp offers an enhanced messaging experience with features beyond the official WhatsApp application. This guide will help you leverage its capabilities to the fullest.

Customizing Themes and Appearance

Changing Themes

FM WhatsApp allows you to drastically alter the look of your messaging interface with a wide range of themes. To change your theme:

  1. Tap the three dots in the top right corner of FM WhatsApp.
  2. Select “Fouad Mods” > “Themes.”
  3. Browse through the theme selection or search for a specific style.
  4. Download your chosen theme and apply it.

Customizing Chats

You can also customize individual chat windows to make conversations more personal:

  1. Open the chat you want to customize.
  2. Tap on the contact’s name at the top to open the contact info.
  3. Select “Customize Chat” to adjust the wallpaper, font size, and more.

Enhancing Privacy

Hiding Online Status

FM WhatsApp allows you to hide your online status even when you’re active:

  1. Go to “Fouad Mods” > “Privacy” > “Hide online status.”
  2. Enjoy messaging without revealing your online presence.

Reading Messages Incognito

Read receipts can be bypassed, allowing you to read messages without sending a blue tick to the sender:

  1. Navigate to “Privacy” settings in “Fouad Mods.”
  2. Enable “Disable Read Receipts.”

Remember, when you reply to the message, the sender will know you have read it.

Backup and Data Security

Creating a Chat Backup

FM WhatsApp offers robust backup features:

  1. Go to FM WhatsApp settings by tapping the three dots in the corner.
  2. Select “Chats” > “Chat backup.”
  3. Choose “Back Up” to start the process.

This feature ensures that you never lose your valuable conversations.

Setting Up App Lock

Protect your FM WhatsApp with a password, PIN, or pattern:

  1. Access “Fouad Mods” and select “App Lock.”
  2. Choose your preferred security method and set it up.

This adds an extra layer of security to your messaging app.

Advanced Features

Sending Large Files and Media

FM WhatsApp breaks the limits on media and file size:

  • File Size Limit: You can send files up to 700 MB, a significant increase from WhatsApp’s 16 MB limit.
  • Quality: Send high-resolution images and videos without compression.

Customizing Notification Icons and Sounds

Make your app notifications stand out:

  1. Open “Fouad Mods” and navigate to “Notifications.”
  2. Here, you can change notification icons and sounds for different types of messages.

With these detailed instructions, you can explore the full potential of FM WhatsApp and customize your messaging experience to suit your preferences and privacy needs.

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